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08 January 2009 @ 01:44 am
Ginger Could Do It Backwards. KaPam.  
Title: Ginger Could Do It Backwards
Author: mrgaritakaraoke
Pairing/Character: Pam/Karen
Rating: Mostly G, but with some saucier ones thrown in for good measure
Summary: 50 KaPam 1sentence-ers.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Challenge/prompts from 1sentenceorder .
A/N: I think I may have cheated with a run-on or two, but I never said I was honest. ;)

#01 - Walking

They spend every Saturday morning walking through their neighborhood, hand-in-hand, with matching shoes and smiles on display.

#02 - Waltz

Karen compliments Fred Astaire, but Pam tuts and remarks that Ginger could do it backwards.

#03 - Wishes

On summer nights, they sneak onto the roof and dance under the starlight, only pausing to wish on the first star they see through the city lights that night.

#04 - Wonder

Pam sees the handsome men and beautiful women that give Karen more than a cursory glance, and she can’t help but wonder what she’s doing right since Karen is only ever glancing at her.

#05 - Worry

When Pam is working late in the school’s art studio, Karen demands hourly text messages “because New York is filled with psychos and pervs.”

#06 - Whimsy

Karen never really had enough of this in her life, but whenever she watches Pam paint, she finds more than enough.

#07 - Waste/Wasteland

They miss garbage night one week and vow to never miss it again.

#08 - Whiskey and rum

Alcohol burns the back of Pam’s throat, but Karen’s soft lips on her own make up for it.

#09 - War

Who controls the television remote on Thursday nights?

#10 - Weddings

They attend a wedding as a couple and nobody in Pam’s family bats an eyelash, and that’s one of the two reasons Karen smiles during the ceremony (the other is seated next to her).

#11 - Birthday

Karen bakes a cake and burns it, but Pam eats it anyway and pretends it isn’t awful.

#12 - Blessing

While on the phone with her parents, Karen’s father finally says, “I love you, and… tell Pam I say hi.”

#13 - Bias

Blondes, brunettes, redheads - yeah, Pam has a not-so-secret preference.

#14 - Burning

The furnace breaks one night in November, but they find heat between them.

#15 - Breathing

Pam worries that Karen works too hard and she can never go to sleep until she hears Karen’s breathing relax, finally.

#16 - Breaking

Pam accidentally smashes an antique music box and cries hysterically, but Karen doesn’t say anything - she just kisses her temple and sweeps up the mess.

#17 - Belief

Pam defends her before she knows why she’s defending her, and that makes Karen love her all the more.

#18 - Balloon

Karen is afraid of balloons, which Pam finds adorable and hilarious.

#19 - Balcony

They sneak away from a boring corporate party to stand together on a balcony in December, holding hands and forgetting the rest of the world.

#20 - Bane

The woman below them plays salsa music at 4am and they’re sure they’ve never hated anyone this much.

#21 - Quiet

Pam never turns on the radio on Sunday mornings because she just likes to listen to Karen breathe for a while.

#22 - Quirks

Sometimes Pam puts ketchup on macaroni and cheese, which both disgusts and fascinates Karen.

#23 - Question

“Do you think it can last forever?”

#24 - Quarrel

Karen refuses to have a yellow bedroom.

#25 - Quitting

Pam withdraws from an elective graphic design course and the only thing that cheers her up is when Karen brings out a bottle of vodka and a coloring book.

#26 - Jump

They decide to start an exercise regime, but only ever get as far as buying a jump rope.

#27 - Jester

Pam makes a homemade jester costume for a party and Karen can’t help but marvel at how talented she seems to be at damn near everything.

#28 - Jousting

Through an unusual turn of events, they end up at a renaissance fair and are sure they’ll never forget the experience.

#29 - Jewel

Pam wants to know how gay Karen can really be if she doesn’t own a single Jewel CD.

#30 - Just

It’s in the quiet moments, while they’re snuggled in a bed that is almost too big, that Pam finally feels okay.

#31 - Smirk

Karen has a special smirk she saves for when Pam awkwardly reacts to random men hitting on her.

#32 - Sorrow

Pam knows there is really nothing she can say or do, so she just hugs Karen tight and hopes it’ll be enough for now.

#33 - Stupidity

Karen completely forgets a Friday Night Date Night and can only manage to say, “I’m an idiot.”

#34 - Serenade

Pam sings in the shower and Karen thinks it’s the best alarm clock she’s ever had.

#35 - Sarcasm

Sometimes people tell them they’re uncomfortable to approach because they always seem to be in their own snarky little world (and secretly they like this).

#36 - Sordid

Pam blushes when Michael calls to prod her for “sexy” details and hangs up on him every time.

#37 - Soliloquy

“Okay, Pam, deep breath… you can do this.”

#38 - Sojourn

After a long day, Karen can barely make the trek from the front door to the couch, but the curly haired woman sitting on it is always a real incentive.

#39 - Share

Pam laughs when Karen tries on one of her skirts because it’s just weird.

#40 - Solitary

When Pam visits her mother one weekend, they’re both semi-surprised by how awkward they both feel alone.

#41 - Nowhere

Karen says it doesn’t matter where they live, as long as its together.

#42 - Neutral

Karen buys Pam an overpriced emerald green party dress because her wardrobe needs a desperate pop.

#43 - Nuance

Now Karen knows the difference between art and pornography.

#44 - Near

One of them is always close and the other always grins and holds off for just a second longer just because.

#45 - Natural

Pam takes Karen’s hand in hers and smiles because they just fit together perfectly.

#46 - Horizon

As the sun breaks over the top of the building across the street, Karen smiles and slips her hand under the hem of Pam’s t-shirt.

#47 - Valiant

Pam bombs the final, but the professor says she showed real heart in her work (and Karen agrees).

#48 - Virtuous

Karen admits that she loves how innocent Pam can look when she’s unbuttoning her pants and pushing her down into the mattress.

#49 - Victory

Karen is promoted, so they share a small bottle of champagne…

#50 - Defeat

but, secretly, Karen hates her job and wishes she could be more like Pam.
JENSEN PADALECKI.: jenny lewiswebsofseaweed on January 8th, 2009 09:09 pm (UTC)
why do you write such amazing kapam? i am super jealous. why do some people get all the talent!? :P

really though, i adore this, as with all of your other fics. there's just something about them - the way you write about the little nuances of their daily lives. i love it. please write more!!
margarita_karaokemrgaritakaraoke on January 8th, 2009 10:26 pm (UTC)
I'm definitely planning on writing more. I'm on a KaPam In the City kick lately it seems. I just enjoy writing the little moments.

I'm glad you liked it. :)
withpractice_ff on July 25th, 2009 07:11 pm (UTC)
It was hard to choose, but this was my fave:

Pam wants to know how gay Karen can really be if she doesn’t own a single Jewel CD.

I plan on using this to validate my ownership of a Jewel CD; thank you.