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11 June 2009 @ 01:42 am
"Headline: Scranton Area [Fic Writer], [mrgaritakaraoke], apologizes to valued client."  
So, I'm alive. Not dead. My computer had some... unique issues. It decided that it no longer wanted to function or do things the way I wanted. I guess it went through its teenage rebellious phase - and at only six months old! My laptop is advanced for its age. Long story short, everything had to be wiped clean and everything went bye-bye. Thankfully most of the KaPam! was saved somewhere else. Unfortunately, on the laptop was a multi-chapter bonanza I was working on. So that will be started from scratch. And I shall be posting bits and bobs regularly again.

Annnnd... right now I have a terrible case of acid reflux, and my arm hurts as if I just got a shot... but I have not gotten a shot. I shall assume this means death is imminent. Good night. :)